Dansk Kvalitetssikringsgruppe

Din vej til viden og et unikt samarbejde

DKG (Danish Quality Assurance Group)was Founded October 09, 1986 by representatives from industry, CRO’s and DHMA


The purpose of the DKG is to strengthen QA work through contact, discussion and information:


Contact / network: DKG arranges contact between individuals engaged in quality assurance (QA) and

DKG arranges contact to relevant organizations and authorities.


Discussion: DKG constitutes a discussion forum for QA relevant topics, initiated by presentations from its members or invited guests


Information/ knowledge: DKG continuously keeps its members informed about QA relevant topics e.g. such as new legislation, symposiums and literature.


8th SARQA/DKG conference

“Quality Complexity - Navigating International Challenges"

November 15th 2018

Malmö Arena Hotel in Hyllie

Upcoming events:


8th SARQA/DKG conference

Date: November 15th 2018

Location: Malmö Arena Hotel in Hyllie


Still seats Available – 8th SARQA/DKG Conference "Quality Complexity – Navigating International challenges" at the moment we are 123 participants including 10 invited lecturers. We are able to receive 150 delegates so hurry up and sign up if you have not yet done so.


No need to wait, fill in the registration form and send this today.




DKG email: dkg@dkgqa.com


Agenda and the registration form for the 8th SARQA/DKG conference